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Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature-rich dApps.

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All-in-One Artela Developer Portal.

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Aspect Programming Whitepaper

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Start with building your first dApp on Artela.

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Spin up your own node and join our devnet!

Clients APIs ->

Clients and APIs supported on Artela.

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Setup your own node for a local development env!

Core Concepts ->

Basic knowledge for building on Artela.

Examples ->

Step-by-step guide of building Aspects examples.

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Stay updated with the latest research and news about Artela.

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Join the community of Artela builders.

Resources ->

Resources for building on Artela Testnet.

New World with Aspect

Smart Contract Runtime Protection ->

Eliminate reentrancy attacks with on-chain runtime protection

On-Chain Intent-Centric Protocols ->

Empowering on-chain functionality for intent-centric protocols

Just-in-time (JIT) Operation

On-chain just-in-time operations such as JIT liquidation, JIT LP management, and MEV-capturing AMM.

Native Event-Driven Action

Subscribe to real-time specific on-chain events to trigger atomic tasks.

Fully On-Chain Game

Upgrade game equipment with enhanced programmability

On-Chain MicroService

Public on-chain services with modular upgrades.

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Work on an open issue

Work we've identified that needs doing.

Contribute an idea

Help us continue to improve Artela.

Fix a bug

Let us know the bug and get ready for bounty!

Improve documentation

Create a PR if you see a mistake or find room for improvement.


Contribute a blog or show your proposal for co-research.

Contribute an Aspect UseCase

Contribute an Aspect usecase to example repo.

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Let’s build the feature-rich dApps together!